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Thought today was going to be an ordinary day at the gym. Man, was I wrong! I trained hard and was spotted by a fitness competition coach today. Had a long talk about fitness, dreams, goals, career paths, business development and brand management. Needless to say, I’m training with my fellow fitness enthusiast friend this week and embarking on fulfilling a couple dreams of mine. ❤️

Never in my life have I felt so strong. Trained hard last night with my fiancé! (Wedding prep is in full bloom!) Seeing crazy progress and working muscles I never knew existed lol. There is nothing like having total support for this lifestyle. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and cheer you on to do your best. #progresspic #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #gains #backgains #bodybuilding #instafit #triceps #aboutthatlife #bikini #npc

Such a wonderful product made in michigan! #carlosgrainfree granola is amazing for a few reasons: no oats or grains, which makes it easy for me to get my fix and not feel sick, it’s low carb, gluten free and low sugar! Seriously soooooo good. Must try!

Healthy Shamrock shake! 🍀🍀🍀🍀 Recipe: 1 scoop #plantfusion vanilla protein powder, 2 cups almond milk, natural green color (5-7 spinach leaves. I don’t agree with artificial food coloring or anything artificial for that matter), 10-12 drops of natural peppermint herbal drops from @wholefoodsmarket. Blend and serve! You won’t miss this real thing after trying this 😊. Add a scoop of dairy free ice cream (vanilla or mint) to make it an indulgent treat. #healthytreat #tiu #shamrockshake #protein #fit

Chef Britt is out to play! Tonight, I’m feeling like making a fancy, fun dinner. What’d I make? Pan seared pork with fresh rosemary and bay leaves in a white wine and balsamic reduction. Pair that with a warm kale salad with fresh garlic, onion and mushrooms and a sweet potato mash. All washed down with an organic (like it red wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. Is this meal delicious? Yes. Healthy? Of course. Healthy earring does NOT have to boring. And cooking can be fun, especially if you’re cooking with wine ;) tehehe

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